Who is Hann & Hann and Where are They Headed?



In 1974 twin brothers, Terry and Gary Hann, formed a summertime residential painting business in the basement of their childhood home. With their name on the line the two put in the effort and commitment to build a company that instilled client confidence with trustworthiness and integrity. The company continued to distinguish itself during its expansion over the next five decades, carefully developing the staff and expertise necessary to expand their construction service offerings to meet the ever-growing requests of their clientele. The two founders look back with pride and satisfaction on the jobs completed and the relationships developed by the business they created.  Gary officially retired at the end of 2021; however, he has found it almost impossible to walk away from the friends and relationships he has made in nearly 50 years of work, there is a good chance you may see him lending his expertise at a property site visit or at a social event swinging a golf club!


The Hann & Hann team now encompasses 125 full-time employees with a diverse background and a wide array of expertise in construction services. The staff is guided by an executive team composed of Terry Hann, Ray Megill, and Todd El-Taher. Together they lead the team and keep the staff focused on maintaining the goals and vision established by the original founders, while continuing to evolve. Hann & Hann is constantly educating their employees so that they can provide safe and proper building method solutions to address the needs and concerns of the clientele amidst the everchanging codes and building practices.

The staff respects the trust instilled in them when given the chance to collaborate with customers in the enhancement, modification, and beautification of their properties and investments. The team is appreciative of the opportunity, and they look forward to the challenge of exceeding expectations. The staff looks forward to strengthening the bonds and rapport with the existing business partners, as well as establishing new relationships as the company continues to expand its presence and product offerings.


There have been many changes in technology and building methods since the inception of Hann & Hann nearly five decades ago. The executive team recognizes the importance of staying on the forefront of these developments, to be able to assist people with the management of their real estate investments. The company strives to offer the best practices as it plans for its future and the buildings under their care.

Hann & Hann has benefited greatly from the internal growth of its multi-generational employees, staff retention, and has plans to continue to foster a positive work environment that allows for career development and employee recognition. The future of the company rests with the alliance of its dedicated employees and their commitment to the “Quality is the Difference” ethos.

As the needs of existing clients grow and the requests to assist new clients in additional geographical regions continues, the Hann & Hann team has committed to evolution by expanding our knowledge base and footprint, to help communities beyond our current business marketplace. The immediate future includes the expansion into Richmond Virginia, the tidewater area, along with the eastern shore. Hann & Hann looks forward to a bright future, promising to serve our valued customers for generations to come. Your business and confidence are much appreciated, thank you!

Would you like to grow and invest in your career and future along with the other members of the Hann & Hann team? If so, would you please send you resume to Javier Ortuno at JOrtuno@HannAndHann.com.