Who is a Hann & Hann customer?

With roots in the community dating back to 1974 as a painting company many people, even today, are still unaware of full menu of services that we offer.  It would be hard to count the number of times we hear “Oh we just thought you guys just did painting.”  The reality is that Hann & Hann has evolved and is continuing to evolve as a construction firm.  If you think of our development in terms of necessity, carpentry was the first need to follow painting as we’d need to replace rotten wood found on a painting job.  Since our inception we’ve expanded to include expertise in roofing, concrete, electrical, plumbing, kitchen and bathroom remodeling as well as lead abatement and mold remediation.  

The Hann & Hann customer is typically the management professional that is expressly concerned with the outcome.  She or he will look to rely on a firm for timely deliverables, on budget, done in an ethical manner and a trusted partner that can help avoid mistakes.  Our customer will have a problem that needs a real and lasting solution that will reflect well on the partnership often times under a time pressure.   He or she will look to us for support as we’ll point out a weakness in an RFP and instead offer a sound solution that meets the needs of the community.  These regional, portfolio and community managers continue to work with us because they understand one crucial thing; we don’t sell anything, we collaborate on solutions.  

More than 95% of our work is conducted in occupied spaces meaning:  fully occupied condominiums, or office spaces where our work must be conducted directly beside yours or your home.  Rather than avoid this type of work we are honored and flattered to share your sacred spaces and will do everything we can to minimize disruption, inconvenience and hassle.   Often times this means off-hours working, special preparation and containment protocols during our work.  Know, going in, that our hearts desire is leaving your space exactly as intended and with an experience that was smoother than you could’ve imagined.

If there is something I can do to improve your experience please reach out to me personally,

Todd El-Taher

Vice President of Sales & Marketing